Coaching Packages


All coaching packages provided by CORE IMPACT COACHING are customized and require a minimum of:

  • a 3 month commitment, and
  • coaching sessions at least twice a month.

In our experience, time and commitment are critical in order to make meaningful and sustainable change.


Executive Coaching: For business owners, entrepreneurs, and C-level leadership.

Leadership Coaching: For leaders who have new challenges, want to polish their communication skills, reach for the next level or even transition from a team member to a leadership role.

Team Coaching: For a team who wants to reach the highest level of productivity and effectiveness, as well as being known for their impeccable communications and accountability.

360 Feedback/Coaching: For a leader who seeks to 1) understand how they are perceived, 2) identify how they can maximize their effectiveness as a leader, and is strong enough to turn constructive criticism into their opportunity for more business and personal success. This includes written surveys, personal interviews and coaching sessions.

Communications Coaching: For professionals who have received feedback that their communication style is abrasive or misunderstood. This is our most popular type of coaching requested.