Coaching Packages

We’ve found there are two types of people out there – “dreamers” and “doers”.

So often we hear, “I would love to hire a coach, but…–fill in your excuse–.” We equate this type of thinker as a “dreamer”. They’re the ones always talking about what they’d like to do, what they’d like to achieve, or where they’d like to be in their career, but are not taking action to get there.

Our clients are “doers”. They oftentimes will know where they need to be, but are just a little unsure how to get there. They know what they want and aren’t afraid to put in the hard work to achieve it. They know they are only a step or two away from their goals and aren’t about to let anything stand in their way, they just want a little extra push and support to reach them faster.

CORE IMPACT has coaching packages for every “doer” out there. Whether you’re just beginning your career and need a coach to guide you through a new job or just received a promotion to department head and need help to effectively manage a team.

So which one are you? A “dreamer” or a “doer”?